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                                                     A Heirtage History Project In Milwaukee Wisconsin

                                                                                     By Heather Palonski


When it comes to a county with rich culture & diversity,Milwaukee County has to be in the top ten on a list of counties imploding with cultural significance. Here we'll briefly go over some of our county's historical significance,and lets see if the reader always walks away with a sense of heritage.



Milwaukee County is on the west shore of Lake Michigan.One of the Great Lakes in the region,and that itself has alot of history.not to mention the heritage of all those associated with the great lake.The county was created in 1834 as a territorial county in its early years.



The city itself started off from scattered settlements, and it was the French missionaries and traders that first passed through the area in the late 17th and 18th centuries.


Alexis Laframboise in 1785, coming from Michilimackinac who adventured this way from Michigan,settled a trading post,and is believed to be the first European descent resident of the Milwaukee are,but the Native Americans made it here first,so we have to give them the honors to being the first.The Ojibwe were just one of many of the tribes in the area,with probably the largest majority among the tribes,but one has to take into account their territory was much more vast than the other tribes.



Milwaukee itself has an interesting history on how it came about.It's an interesting piece of history,that adds interest,unlike the old scenario that someone built a house,and the town grew.



It's possible the competition between the settlements in the region,all pretty close to one another,across the river,or to the south etc,that each settlement tried to be "the capital" in laymen's terms.I guess you could say this was healthy competition for a country that was growing at the time,but this competition led to the "Milwaukee Bridge War" of 1845.

The competition was no longer healthy when business,and commerce came into play,where one town tries to control the other's dependencies.This was a conflict between Juneautown & Kilbourntown.Even though no deaths became of the skirmishes,some serious injuries did happen.


Soon Kilbourntown came to its senses,because they really were not in support for this new bridge that was being constructed across the river,because they liked Juneautown being dependent in their stores & shops for goods.The last thing the business leaders wanted was a bridge creating competition from others opening shops,due to a way other than ferry to get their goods.



After the conflicts they settled their differences,and both communities united to be one,and thus Milwaukee was born.

During all of this,there was a lot of migration heading this way,and especially the German's who found this region a wonderful place to live,and start a life.



The heritage is still here today.Just pick up a phone book,and look at all the "Schmitts" , or various spellings.

The Polish have just as much rich heritage here in Milwaukee.They thrived as a community,and in the 1850 census, there were only 75 Polish residents in the community.When 1890 came around the population increased to 30,000,and by 1915 to 100,000 Polish residents.



During all this,migrations came from all cultures in the world.



We all know the Bohemians,and the saying goes they can grow more per square inch,than any other culture.Now we know it's really up to the gardener,but they sure were highly respected growers in the region.



Immigrants came from all over the world to settle here.The Swedish,Irish,Lithuanians,and Italians.I don't think a day goes by where we don't see some type of cultural heritage here in Milwaukee.



                                                          Researching Milwaukee Genealogy & Heritage



I added some links to the left,as a good starting point for all of you looking up your past,or perhaps just curious about some of the history & heritage here in Milwaukee County.


There is really no better place on the world wide web,than Linkpendium & Rootsweb.There are a lot of other great genealogy & heritage sites,but we like promoting the free ones,and there are no better two sites out here,than these two that are full of great information,and resources to help continue your research.So check those links out,they won't let you down.


It's really easy while searching your own history,to find interest in another's family tree,or perhaps interesting historical references to that particular surname,that really keeps the reader interested.


We could put up links to every historical & heritage site,but the sites listed to the right help narrow a researcher in,in his/her mission,and do a way better job than we could ever hope to do.



                                        Milwaukee County Residents Needing Help Researching Their Heritage


We'll be adding notes,and requests from those looking for help locating records of past relatives who at one time were associated with Milwaukee County in one way or another.This looks like a daunting task,and many feel like a needle in a haystack approach,but more times than not a break thru does happen sooner or later,when advertising anywhere a person can looking for clues.


Taking advantage of message boards,and forums is not a shot in the dark.It may not be an instant success,or perhaps no success at all,but break through s do happen,so never give up hope,and keep trying.There is always somebody who knows something,and trying to find that somebody,we have to resort to tactics that do seem questionable as far as the luck goes,but this is the game we're in,and researching is never easy.


So if you'd like us to make a note of it,we'd be glad to do so.Just contact me below,and I'll put the feelers out on this end for you.We all have to work together in this,and finding the history of our family tree is never a one sided project.It's the record keepers,and those who know where to look that in many times are responsible in helping others create their own family tree.



                                             Contact Info For Questions/Comments/Looking Into Surnames




                                                           A Little History Of Our Heritage In Milwaukee


Here I will share our family history not only for the pleasure of my own family,but for those who may be doing research as well into the surname "Palonski".It's not a very common name,and has changed once in spelling.My father always told me that his grandpa always told him that the name could have also been spelled Palonskis.Anyways my name is Heather Palonski and happy to meet you!!


I'd like to thank those who have stumbled across my site,and wish you all good hunting while researching your family tree.


My great grandparents arrived in 1812 at some port in New York.We wish we would have more information to where,not that it really matters.There are somethings our family wished we knew more of,as I'm sure many other families have faced the same dilemma.


We are in Milwaukee Wisconsin,and a good majority of our family reside here.From New York my family came straight here to Wisconsin.


This is my fathers side I'll start with.Unfortunately we could only go back as far as 1732 in Poland.I am grateful though we went back that far in tracking our roots.To tell you the truth,I wasn't really sure even from the start how far I'd be able to go back.So please know I'm very grateful for what I have uncovered.


My great great great great grandfather John Palonski married a Justina Carlson in 1732.


They gave birth to Johnathon II Palonksi and a Lisa.They had 2 little boys




Descendants of James George Palonski


1 James S. Palonski Arrived in New York 16 April 1812 in New York City




Married Justina Carlson in 1817 and they gave birth to Jane Palosi Palonski,Jimmy Ray Palonksi in 1819,and Thomas Palonski in 1821.


In 1832 they made their way westward with the destination Milaukee in mind.


They arrived in the spring of 1833 and their new residence was Milwaukee Wisconsin.

They then gave birth to another child of the name Chris Lee Palonski.The very first Polanski born in Milwaukee Wisconsin.

The 4 Palonski children also had children,and I start with Jane Palonski,who married John Hegman in 1827.They gave birth to a baby girl the following year.Their only child.Her name was Clara Renee Hegman and later on she married a Louis Daniels.I have more information on their roots if anyone is interested.Please contact me below.



........Jimmy Ray married a Heather Olson and they had 3 children shortly afterwards.A baby girl came first once again and they named her Rita Elaine.A boy followed the following year who they named Michael John........ Then they decided the two must have a baby brother,or sister and little David was born.


Now Thomas Palonski married Veronica Eves in 1840 and they had MANY CHILDREN.


............ Melissa Sue Palonski was born in 1841

............. Elizabeth Anita Palonski born in 1843

................. Harvey Ben Palonski born in 1844

............. Joseph Sims Palonski born in 1846

................. Samantha Georgina Palonski born in 1848

........ Willy John Palonski born in 1849

........ Emma Angel Palonski born in 1850


I will continue here with the birth of Harvey Ben Palonski in 1844.I guess you could say that's where my roots come from in this side of the family.I never knew making a family tree,or putting pen to paper my roots...would look this confusing.


Havey Ben Palonski marrie a beautiful woman by the name of Nicole Fredrich Mesh.


They gave birth to two children.A boy and a girl.


Their first child was a boy them named Clayton Adams Palonski.That was in the year 1866 of August.


Four years later in 1870 they gave birth to little Marie Nulls Palonski.



............ Both Clayton & Marie later on in life both ended up having their own families.


............. Clayton Palonski married a Heather Eggarst.They gave birth to 2 little boys.They named their first child George Lee Palonski who was born in 1892.


Then came along Phillip Paul Palonski in 1895.


Now to move along to 1920.


Phillip Paul Palonski married Eveleth Lisa Johnson in 1920.


Several years later they gave birth to my grandfather.(smile).They only had one child.His name was Clarence Wayne Palonski.He was born Aug. 25th 1925..Yes in Milwaukee Wisconsin.


Clarence married an Edna Ruthann Montgomery in 1943 and they gave birth to my father and my aunt in 1945 & 1947.


Their first child was a boy and they named him LeRoy Allen Palonski.(my father)


Their second child was a cute little girl by the name Sheri Lynn Palonski.(my aunt)


Sheri Lynn married an Alerbert Johnson,and they gave birth to 3 wonderful children.My family.


Patricia Lynn Johnson born in 1946


Gerald Patrick Johnson 1949


Jimmy John Johnson 1950.


I will go into more detail of our grandchildren later on this month.I update this page when I get time to sit down and write.Most the time I make time,because I really enjoy researching my family history.


So keep checking back,because I do update often.


Heather Palonski,in Milwaukee Wisconsin.